Hello. I'm Shilpa Jwalapathy and I'm a cartoonist!

What do I do?
I enjoy cartooning and I'm trying to be a good cartoonist/caricaturist. When I'm not cartooning, I work as a full-time software engineer. Who am I kidding...I'm a software engineer by profession who finds time to cartoon. I'm a self taught cartoonist. What began as a hobby has now become a dream.

My source of inspiration?
You, me...everybody. Especially YOU!
My cartoons are my vision. What I see, I draw...may be with a pinch of exaggeration.

My favourite cartoonists?
V.G.Narendra, from Indian Institute of Cartoonists, was the first person to introduce me into the world of cartooning. He has been a great mentor and critic ever since.Mr David Banks from London school of Journalism is my current mentor, who has been helping me switch from being an ameteur cartoonist to a professional cartoonist.Other cartoonists I am fond of are Satish Acharya and Raghupati Sringeri.